Who I am

I am an impassioned practical theologian and my field of work is catechetics. I get enthusiastic about themes of religious education and formation, at the interface of three domains: family life, school life and faith community. These themes are not only central to my research, but also to my courses and lectures. I have worked in practice for many years: in parish pastoral care, among young people and students, in chaplaincy (health care and prison life), and as a theology teacher in higher professional education. This background ensures a practice-oriented focus. In my research, it makes me aware of the meaning of theology and faith in everyday practice. And it guarantees a relevant range of education for the new generation of theological professionals.

I am a university lecturer and researcher at the Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center of Tilburg University and a lecturer in General Catechetics at Bovendonk Priest and Deacon College. In order to be closer to the practice I am a member of the Supervisory Board of Verus : the association for Catholic and Christian education. From Januari 1, 2021 I am chair of the Supervisory Board of the Bisschop Möller Stichting (BMS): the Catholic organisation for primary schools in the province of Friesland. I can be approached for a lecture or a workshop. I can be approached for a lecture or a workshop. Because I like to share my knowledge and experience with you

See also: curriculum vitae.