Ongoing research

I started my research with a doctoral thesis on the development of religiosity in three generations of Catholic families, and I received my doctorate cum laude in 2009. In my follow-up research, religious education in domestic life has continued to play a role and has been put into context. After all, what happens within families in this respect is not unrelated to social processes and developments in church life and the world of education. My research therefore often focuses on questions and experiences of faith, hope and love that play a role in Catholic family life, the Catholic educational world and the Catholic faith community.

I look for theological building blocks that reveal the involvement between these domains, such as:

  • Religious generational differences
  • Implicit and explicit religiosity
  • Embodied faith
  • A missionary perspective on family, school and church
  • The social significance of catholicity
  • Qualitative research

Various publications provide insight into this.