In recent years I have built up a lot of experience in educating the new generation of theological professionals: church workers (priests, deacons, pastoral workers), chaplains in the world of health care, military and prison life, and teachers of religious education in secondary education.

In how I teach, I include my own practical experiences and work field contacts. The way I teach is impassioned. I challenge students to look for the meaning of old and new traditions for their vision and practice. I help them open up to what is unruly and abrasive: in life and in religion.


  • A practical-theological perspective on Catechetics
  • Religious education/formation through the ages/Historical catechetics
  • Religious education/formation in a post-Christian and post-secular era
  • Religious education/formation within the family
  • Religious education/formation within catholic school life/school identity
  • Religious education/formation and the missionary church
  • School-church contacts and the missionary church
  • Homiletics: learning to listen, speak and preach
  • Internship guidance on Religion/Life philosophy
  • Concepts of Religious Education: professional orientation for secondary education